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If you need any other custom artwork sizes, resolutions, or graphics for any media where you'd like to talk about minority marrow donation or Sara, please don't hesitate to ask!!

Upcoming Drives
There are a bunch of upcoming drives in the next several weeks sponsored by different people or organizations specifically to help Sara find a marrow donor. Thanks go out to everyone who has been helping and for the way you've tirelessly kept fighting for Sara! If you'd like to help out with any of these, please contact the listed contact person or us directly at MarrowForSara and we'll put you in touch with the right people.
April 30, 2005 -- Las Vegas, NV
Sponsor: A3M
Contact: Jun Lan (jlan -at-

May 1, 2005 -- Las Vegas, NV
Location: LV Chinese Christian Church
Sponsor: A3M
Contact: Jun Lan (jlan -at-

May 8, 2005 -- San Luis Obispo, CA
Location: Church of the Nazarene
  3396 Johnson Ave.
Sponsor: MarrowForSara, A3M

May 9, 2005 -- Oakland, CA
Location: Kaiser Permanente Regional Offices
  1950 Franklin Street, 2nd Floor, Room B
Sponsor: Kaiser Permanente National Transplant Network
Contact: Terry Mock (terry.mock -at-

May 13, 2005 -- UC Berkeley, CA
Location: UC Berkeley Campus, West Madrone Room
  4th floor of the MLK Building
Sponsor: Families with Children from China, NoCal
Contact: Lura Dolas (luradolas -at-

May 13, 2005 -- Palo Alto, CA
Location: International School of the Peninsula
  151 Laura Lane, Palo Alto CA
Sponsors: International School of the Peninsula
  Families with Children from China, NoCal
  Palo Alto Family YMCA
Contact: Maile Uohara, ISTP Director of Comm   ( or 650.251.8522

May 15, 2005 -- San Diego, CA
Location: Hsi Fang Temple 11am-4pm
  4536 Park Blvd.
Sponsor: A3M
Contact: Jun Lan (jlan -at-

June 2, 2005 -- Boise, Idaho
Location: St. Luke's Hospital
Sponsor: Betty Griffin (bettygriffin2 -at-, Nancy Jett

Pictures ... and China
A collection of pictures is now posted in the Picture Gallery online. Feel free to take a look!

In other exciting news, I (Sara's cousin) will be leaving on Thurs 3/24 for Beijing to discuss Sara's case with contacts at the Beijing Children's Hospital and China Donor Program! We're excited to see what may come of this and hope to better understand what we can do to get potential donor blood samples successfully out of China for testing.
The itinerary will take us to Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing (where Sara was born) to speak with different people involved in marrow transplants in China! If you have contacts in China that may be able to help, please Email us to let us know. While the website probably won't be updated for a couple weeks, be sure to checkout Sara's Journal for updates on Sara's progress!

Thank You!
We have received so many well wishing emails and offers for help in the last several days -- THANK YOU to everyone for taking the time to care! We get new information about drives being held, media articles, and other ways that people are helping almost daily ... it's incredible.
We've made some changes to the website, including a new online journal to keep everyone updated on Sara's progress. Click Sara's Journal above. We also have new Drive Packs that include printed flyers ( Front Back), stickers, and other things to help publicize drives. If you're interested in holding a marrow drive for Sara, PLEASE contact us ASAP.

We would also like to send special thanks to Families with Children from China (, an organization for parents with Chinese-born children. They have been especially helpful and compassionate -- THANK YOU to everyone who has volunteered their time, energy, and expertise to help Sara. We wish we could thank each of your individually!

So Many Drives!
Wow, so much is happening! We've got the following drives coming up in the near future:

Thursday February 10th in San Francisco More Info

Sat & Sun Feb 12-13 at San Diego Chinese New Year Food and Culture Faire in downtown San Diego. 10-6pm on Saturday, 10-4pm on Sunday.

March 6th in Berkeley More Info

We've also got drives scheduled in LA, North Carolina, and Boston! Wow!

If you can't make these drives but still want to become a registered donor, try one of the many, many drives throughout Southern California.

Donating umbilical cord blood from a newborn baby can save a life! More Info
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Donors and Volunteers ... for Sara and all other patients in need!